September 2017  


Improvements to quick search


There is now a tax summary list at Financials > Tax.

Unallocated, unreconciled receipts and payments added to the Financials > Summary.

Profit & Loss now has project filter.

Bank account reconciliation import now has the last transaction to help with doing the next import.

Within a bank reconciliation you can now create a bank transfer to reconcile against.

On an expense you can now set the bank-account to pay from.

Expenses "To be paid" now allows bank-account selection.

On a payment you can now allocate to an expense.

On a receipt you can now allocate to an invoice.

With Journals can now see Finanalised and Pending lists.

You can now send additional attachments with invoices.

Contact Person & Business 

Can you see linked financials ie invoices, expenses ...